In 2022, we need MOre STEM Professionals On the Ballot 

More than ever, Granite Staters are looking for public officials willing to use data and facts to solve problems in their community. When science is on the ballot, voters trust STEM professionals.

That’s why 314 Action is teaming up with 603 Forward, an organization with deep ties to New Hampshire that stands out for its nimble tactics and best-in-class support.

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Run for Office

Since its founding, 314 Action has recruited and elected a historic number of scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals thanks to millions of grassroots supporters from every part of the country.

Now, we’re preparing for the challenge of the 2022 cycle — and we need scientists and STEM professionals like you to run for elected office in New Hampshire.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to elect more scientists to Congress, state legislatures, and local offices. As trained problem-solvers, STEM professionals are ready, willing, and able to find solutions for the significant challenges facing America in the 21st century. 

In November 2020, the only two Democrats who flipped United States Senate seats – Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona and Sen. John Hickenlooper of Colorado – were recruited to run for office by our organization.

With staff ranging from an entrepreneurial scientist who stepped into the electoral arena to seasoned political operatives and skilled fundraisers, 314 provides critical resources and expertise to STEM candidates new to politics. 

We reach out to scientific communities, identifying women and men with professional STEM backgrounds to run for local, state, and federal offices. Our work includes training and supporting our endorsed candidates, ensuring they have the cutting-edge tools to run successful campaigns.

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Our Mission

In tackling the generational crisis facing New Hampshire, 603 Forward educates, engages, and activates working-age adults to drive pro-next-generation policy change and support like-minded leaders in their pursuit of public office.

Whether it’s testifying at hearings, engaging with local elected officials, knocking doors for a young leader or recruiting the next generation to public office, 603 Forward is building a future for our generation to thrive.

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